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He who comes from above is above all others

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  • Description: Our Lord speaking to Nicodemus declared plainly that He was from above and that He brought testimony from God. Then Our Lord went back to the region, Jordan, where He had been Baptised and John was still Baptising. The Lord was drawing people to Himself so much so, that John’s disciples prompted by jealously, complained to John, ‘The man whom you bore testimony’, they said ‘Is low down the river and everyone is going to Him?’ And again, John remonstrated with them, trying to convince them that Christ was the one whom they should follow. He said that he himself was merely the friend of the bridegroom and he, John, rejoiced to hear the voice of the bridegroom. The disciples are still reluctant, so John continues to speak to them, to admonish them and even to place a warning, telling them they risk losing eternal life and in fact the anger of God would remain on them if they refused to follow the light. So how does John argue, again from common experience, John the Baptist said to his disciples ‘He who comes from above is above all others’ as he had said about Christ, the lamb of God, He is above others in two ways. The first… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.

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